“Using Org Charts to Power Success.”


Leading the Way to Business Success with Organization Charts

Probably the best visual communication tool to present a company’s or an organization’s hierarchical structure is the Organization Chart. This tool is way more effective than pure text as the formal and main reference point to showcase, in a graphical manner, the key figures and other relevant personnel in the organization alongside their main roles and areas of responsibility.

Over the years, modern org charts have evolved into a more functional tool for organizational design and development that is geared towards meeting the company’s business objectives. On top of that, org charts can also be used not only for human resources development, but also in other aspects of the business including operational management and marketing.

Org charts are also used by both internal and external users as a clear reference to identify relevant personnel in the organization whose roles and responsibilities can help address their specific needs. This can be a guide for external customers to address their needs and concerns to the right people, and for employees to know their scope of responsibilities and how they relate to other departments.

Charts like the SAP organization chart are useful tools that clearly divides and outlines the specific functions and areas of responsibilities of the various organizational units present in the company. This is highly vital particularly for large enterprises and corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

The following infographic provides an overview of how org charts can lead the way to business success by helping improve employee performance and enhance internal and external coordination within the organization. You will learn how modern org charts can now be optimized with the use of specialized org design software and advance solutions like Nakisa Hanelly – and help you harness the power of org charts towards business success.