What are the essential requirements for choosing an accountant firm?


It may seem trivial, but even in this job the saying applies: if you pay little you will get little. With the aggravating circumstance that in this case it is not a single person who lose but an entire company with its resources: management and employees. On the other hand, however, we must say, even a high fee is not always a guarantee of quality. So, on what to base such a delicate and important choice?

To answer this question, we must first ask another one, namely: what do you expect from your ideal accountant?

  • If what you are looking for is a simple accountant, you should be able to make ends meet or manage your VAT number then you can stop here and choose only on the basis of price logic.
  • If, on the other hand, you are looking for a trusted advisor to go a long way with, then you can keep reading.

This was a harsh but necessary premise. Choose an accountancy firm means relying on a trusted collaborator who will work alongside you in the development of your business. It is an investment you make for the good and growth of your business. Only those who think in these terms can understand how the figure of the accountant has changed and what his new role in today’s society is.

Business accountant: much more than a simple accountant.

Times have changed: today the task of the accountant is no longer just to keep the accounts or to provide a spot tax service if necessary, but has gone much further, to the point of “deciding” the fate of the company. It may seem exaggerated, but it is: a good accountant is a decisive partner in growing or re launching the company. The Accountants Manchester services can be of the best benefits.

In fact it is he who helps you to:

  • Understand if your business is economically healthy
  • Focus on the right goals for your company
  • Identify the strategies on which to aim to reach them
  • Make periodic checks to correct the course

Why is it important to choose an accountant specialized in your sector of activity? The primary reasons are here:

Direct savings: Specialization in the customer’s business sector involves greater knowledge of the regulations. A correct and timely application of the legislation (accounting, tax, labor, etc.) implies direct savings through the reduction of errors, the exploitation of opportunities and risk management.

Quick decisions: Making the right decisions is important, but making them quickly is essential. A specialist favors quick decisions without sacrificing the quality of advice.

Prevent, not cure: the specialized accountant anticipates the market and avoids critical issues, proposing reflections to customers without them having to contact him.

Growth stimulus: the specialist helps clients grow and achieve their goals, giving them the opportunity to focus only on their business.

Thanks to technology, distance is no problem. Until a few years ago, choosing an accountant close to the office was essential. Analogical documents, impossibility of seeing each other, less specialized legislation. These and other reasons made it impossible to think of an accountant away from the office, even if specialized.