Which GIT Analytic Tool is the Best? : A Brief Outline


Through the comparative analysis, you will be able to decide which tool is better for you. You will surely love the waydev. And through this comparative analysis, you will also be able to understand which one is suitable for your team. You start losing visibility whenever an engineering team scales. There comes a difficulty in diagnosing the problems when a higher code volume comes into play. This problem increases. The significant number of engineers who might be overloaded and had encountered a blocker, it becomes even more difficult for them to spot. Managing multiple projects makes benchmarking your team performance tougher.

Analytics Tools

You need to at any cost continuously boost the teams’ productivity, deliver value and meet the urgent deadlines, no matter you are losing the grip. This is the right time when you might want to take help from the GIT analytics tools such as waydev. Gitprime is another tool of the GIT analytics. Through waydev you will be able to get a clear picture of the things and also the team’s output. It’s easy to grasp the things these tools do, but how will you interpret the data, and what decisions will you make based on it?

Comparative Study

To help you choose the correct tool for your needs a comparative analysis and study has been done of the most popular GIT analytics tools, waydev and other. From getting started to data sources, to performance benchmarking, locating problems, customizations, and pricing. In all this, the only tool which ranks the best is the waydev.

Getting Started

You have probably gone through tens of registration processes before, so this shouldn’t be too demanding for you. As soon as the data has been imported, you are into action. Set up your Waydev account by signing into your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps account and authorizing Waydev’s access. Choose the repositories you want Waydev to analyze and then click the ‘Load Project’ button.