Why Community Giving Is Important to Business


As a business owner, you are driven to create a successful company that thrives during good times and downturns. Although making money may not be your central goal, you know that business growth is dependent on creating a stable and prosperous working capital. Once your business is successful, you can begin giving back to the community that helped you succeed. Here are three ways your business can benefit from giving something back.

1. Cohesion

There is an old saying that proposes that when people play together, they stay together. In other words, when your employees participate in activities outside of work in something that makes them feel good, they can develop a bond that helps a cohesive relationship grow that has nothing to do with work. Whether friendships grow or admirations develop, the positive nature of the act of giving something to others can last a lifetime.

2. Self-Worth

Although it is difficult to define, researchers have found that when given an opportunity to help others in a significant way, participant’s self-worth and self-image grew immensely. Eyal Gutentag believes that personal satisfaction can come from a broader sense of purpose because of the continued need to give to the community, and researchers agree. Volunteering changes the way your brain reacts with a ‘warm glowing’ response.

3. Identity

When your company participates in a philanthropic activity within the community, people look at your brand more positively. Not only does your company name become more visible, but the community and its leaders become more willing to seek your goods or services out because of your willingness to give to the neighborhood.

Giving your employees a chance to give back to the community has many positive effects on your business and its growth. But more importantly, there are positive effects for your employees and their personal development. When you give, you get back much more.