Why it is now necessary to resume economic activity in Singapore?


Novel coronavirus will indeed continue to be a big challenge to the healthcare system of the whole world including Singapore. But due to a long lockdown, there has been a huge loss of economic and commercial life of people all over the world. Considering the situation the government of Singapore is left with no other option than to resume the economic activity taking safe management measures in Singapore

Reasons for resuming the economic activity

There have been several reasons why it becomes very important to resume the economic activity after a long lockdown period in Singapore and some of the essential reasons are given as follows:

  • Due to lockdown, even healthy people are forced to stay at home which ultimately leads to other serious health consequences such as depression, anemia, etc. Apart from that those who were suffering from chronic diseases such are cancer, cardiovascular disease, immunity disorder, etc. are not being able to get treatment leading to the death of these patients. 
  • In Singapore, many businessmen were forced to shut down their establishment and people of the country are in the midst of the economic crisis. Along with the serious health consequence of COVID 19 people are also feeling the heat of the global recession. There was a global recession in the year 2008 but that recession mainly originated from the financial market crisis but this time the recession will originate from the real economy.
  • Because of a lengthy lockdown, the people of Singapore have already gone with no immunity which ultimately will increase the chances of getting infected with the coronavirus. Since there is no vaccine of coronavirus and no effective treatment people all over the world have no defense against coronavirus other than keeping themselves healthy. Thus if the economic activity is not resumed then because of financial problems as well as the unavailability of food items people will become weak and will be more vulnerable to the risk of COVID 19.

Due to all these reasons, it now becomes very essential to resume the economic activity to save the country both from the financial crisis as well as COVID 19.