5 Keys to Managing Your Remote Workforce – Through COVID-19 and Beyond

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Whether you planned for a remote team all along, or you swore never to have one, thanks to COVID-19, we’re all there. And if you’re working hard at effectively managing your workforce in a new and uncomfortable environment, you’re not alone. At Trinity, many of our clients have shared the same concern.

Before the crisis hit, we were already a 100% remote organization. Our employees work monitoring software from home using business processes and custom applications we developed ourselves. Thanks to this experience, we stand ready to design effective remote work solutions and implement them quickly for our clients.

How To Lead Your Remote Team – Through COVID-19 and Beyond

To effectively manage your workforce during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, use the following five strategies. Yes, we use our products as examples, and we know they’re not the only solutions available, just the best!

Be Patient With the Transition to Remote Work

The world has changed, we know, and you need to keep the lights on and the revenue flowing. Still, you need to give your employees time to adjust. Introduce new procedures and systems slowly and deliberately to avoid making costly mistakes. Despite the suddenness of the crisis, remote work is a race to be won over time.

Don’t Fight the Cloud

There’s no time better than now to go paperless and digitize storage, apps, communications, and operations. While at first, the change may not be comfortable, your gains in efficiency will begin to pile up.

The cloud enables you to centralize and streamline operations with applications like Quick Base. With it, you can rest assured the apps you use will work together seamlessly.

Re-Imagine Your Scheduling Tools

Now is the perfect time to consider one of the many new effective online scheduling platforms. For feature-rich, flexible scheduling, use TrinityCalendar. Fully integrated with Quick Base, it offers you a reliable online calendar platform without the ongoing costs of other tools.

Implement Digital Signature

Physical signatures, especially in a remote work environment, can be time-consuming and even costly, especially for HR departments. Digital signatures, aka eSignatures, automatically come with dates and other details. TrinitySignature, for example, integrates smoothly into Quick Base and mobile applications.

Leverage a Time and Attendance System

Going remote can be a lot to take in. To preserve productivity and instill a sense of routine and normalcy to your employees, a time and attendance system can be invaluable. Otherwise, your company risks getting lost in the transition to remote work.

With Trinity, you can implement a paperless time and attendance system to track time, attendance, benefits, and payroll – all through one portal. This solution enables everyone in the organization to work more efficiently.

Applications Designed For You

Since the advent of COVID-19, clients have asked for applications to track assets, expenses, time, PTO, and more. Luckily, we at Trinity have experience in all of these areas and can help you quickly.

As a Quick Base Gold Partner, our team is experts in both custom application development and business process improvement. Therefore, we can redesign both your systems and the way you work to deliver higher productivity and improved efficiency.

And as Quick Base Solution Provider, we can support and empower your new processes with application development. On both web and mobile platforms, we can create the right business technology to help you win in today’s environment. Unofficially, we like to say, “if you can define it, we can build it.”

Tackle this Change with Trinity

Finally, to ensure a smooth implementation, we can integrate your current systems with Quick Base and sync your external data. And throughout the transition, we will carefully walk your team through all changes.

Yes, COVID-19 may have turned our world upside down. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an opportunity to improve the way you manage your team. If you’re ready to support and take back control of your remote workforce, why not let us help?