All About Adu Appliances


What exactly are ADU appliances? How do they differ from regular appliances? Why do I need them for my ADU? These are just a few of the questions we can answer for you in this quick ADU guidebook.

What Are ADU Appliances?

ADU appliances are compact appliances designed to work well in a small, ADU unit. Their whole goal is to save space and maximize functionality within a small home. Since space is limited, it makes sense that you would want smaller appliances.

How Do They Differ From Regular Appliances?

For starters, they are much smaller. They do everything a regular appliance does, just in a more compact way. Thus, making them perfect for people who live in tiny homes.

Many of them also have multiple functions. Since space is so limited, these appliances have to be creative to allow individuals who live in ADUs to maximize their storage and get the most out of their appliances.

For example, you may have a couch in your home. However, an ADU sectional sleeper will be a couch that has storage under a section and the ability to fold out into a bed. Making it multiple appliances in one compact unit.

Why Do I Need ADU Appliances For My ADU?

To put it quite simply, it is because you won’t be able to fit regular-sized appliances in your tiny home. Try to squeeze a full-sized fridge and oven into your compact kitchen and you will have nothing in your kitchen but a fridge and oven.

Also, the appliances are created to help you have all the necessary elements of life, like storage and tv and stuff like that, without taking up too much space.

What Are Some ADU Appliances?

There are a lot of ADU appliances that you might not even think of. For example, it may be a no-brainer that a compact dishwasher exists, but did you know about combo washers and dryers? A combo dryer washes and dries your clothes in one compact unit without you having to switch the laundry yourself. There are also drop-down tables, Murphy beds, and all-in-one kitchen sets. These appliances are a real time and space saver in your compact unit.