Another question if you are into SEO writing and you want to know how many blog post lengths should be posted monthly. Well, I’ll explain how things work, and then you would choose for yourself because we here can’t decide for you. We can only give you some advice.

How does Huffington Post upload its blogs?

Huffington Post, which is one of the most prominent blogs globally, posts blogs daily after sixty seconds. That’s almost two thousand articles daily

From the year 2013 till right now, too can imagine how many articles Huffington post has written.

This is honestly shocking because these numbers are astounding.

So whenever you ask people around you about the number of times you should blog, it’s a clear answer,

How many blogs should be posted monthly

Your posting frequency needs to get cranked up to reach hundreds daily for you to achieve success as a proper blogger.

Listen to Brian’s Story

Some years ago, Dean Brian flaunted that he got about a million visits to his blog over the past year.

Brian is one of the severe reasons he is successful. He doesn’t post a lot of blogs. To date, he only has thirty-two blogs post on his blog. Those content numbers he produced are way more astounding than the first case.

What about the likes of other bloggers

The likes of people like Manson, Mike, and Kate Winston are pretty straightforward. Some of them have an average of a blog post by the week. Even though they create excellent quality content, they are not pushing the boat with speed due to the turnover of leads obtained from their high-quality content.

A lot of these blogs are owned by someone who has a life apart from their blogs.

Have you consulted with Patel Neil before?

Patel Neil would teach you how you can take your agency and drive massive amounts of leads and traffic to your blogs.

You would learn things like SEO, Content marketing, paid media, and a lot more. Let me explain some of these things to you. They could help you with your question on how many blogs you can post in a month.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the methods of unlocking high amounts of SEO traffic. You might now ask what SEO traffic is. This refers to Search Engine Optimization techniques—ways in which Google and other search engines upload their articles on the internet.

Some several applications and websites can help you properly generate the necessary keywords you need for your niche, industry, and your blog. These applications are pretty essential because, without them, it would be harder to know what your competition is using to earn so much.

What is Ranking?

This refers to the part of a search engine that a reader or user could find your blog, article, or website. So there we have it. If you can keep creating content with high SEO in it, you would rank adequately. So when someone searches for an article that has your keywords or your title, your article, blog, or website would be one of the first ones they would see.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the methods our team makes and creates excellent content which wooly get shared, attracts leads, gathers links, and, in the end, gathers traffic.

Content marketing is critical if you want to be successful on your website.

Think about this like you are in the market. You see two or more sellers selling the same thing. But the difference here is that one of the sellers has products that have more quality. Then the other sellers have products that are just there. Not attractive in any way. Of course, you would go and purchase the product that calls to you. That’s how life and the online blog/ website thing are. So it is your job to make sure you market your content correctly to attract proper leads and attract visitors that would read your content and probably purchase a product you are affiliating for.

What is Paid Media?

These are effective and essential paid strategies that have an obvious ROI used by people with websites, blogs, and articles.

Now I’m going to ask you, knowing all of this, how many articles/blog posts you want to post on your blog monthly?. Think and decide wisely, my dear, because this would significantly impact how successful your blog would be.