How to fold a umbrella


Folding umbrellas are umbrellas that are very small in size, which are easy to carry and very convenient. Can be put in your pocket for women or choose to walk as well, it still doesn’t feel a little clutter. Because it is lightweight Folding umbrellas are often used in groups of school-aged and working women because they are easy to carry and still have a light weight, which makes girls in school and working age very much like. And aside from its small size and light weight, it also has beautiful colors and cute patterns. And this is the reason why we often see this folding umbrella

The umbrella that I am going to tell is an umbrella factory Many people are well known. Because it is an umbrella that has been very popular enough to say that this umbrella can be used in a variety of applications and it is the only umbrella that can be done both. Rain does not let you get wet and sloppy. And it can be used to protect against the sun, and there are also many companies that use to promote advertising. By bringing it as a premium umbrella, distributing customers By screening on the canvas of the umbrella of his own By using materials that are strong and durable, from the truss to the shade cloth

I will bring everyone to know the umbrella folded together. Maybe I don’t know about the folding umbrella and what it is. Today I will tell you about the umbrella.

2-fold umbrellas are folding umbrellas that we tend to see it very often and most of them choose to use this type of folding umbrella. Because it is very small, the color difference is only

3-fold umbrella This folding umbrella is slightly different from a 2-fold umbrella. But overall, the difference is that the umbrella axis is a 3-fold joint only, but if folded down, the size will not be much different

5 fold umbrellas are 5 fold umbrellas. These are the smallest folding umbrellas when folded. In addition to being a small size, it is also lighter in weight than other umbrellas as well. If you like a light umbrella, you will definitely like it.