How To Keep Your Pliers Safe From Electrical Shock?


While working with an electrical line or any machine run by electricity, you must use the tools carefully so that you do not end up touching any live point and get a shock. Such possibilities are always there if you are not careful enough while dealing with such machines and also use your hand tools.

Usually, technicians who are trained will always use well-protected pliers and other hand tools. However, those DIYers, who may not be very well trained may often get an electrical shock that can often be fatal too.

Therefore, you must make sure that all your tools have either rubber insulating gloves or they are well insulated so that electrical current may not pass through it even by accident.

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Safety is very important when you are working particularly with electricity. While using any lineman pliers for doing any type of electrical work, you must keep following safety measures that are required for keeping electrical safety in your mind:

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  • You must always wear protective clothing that also include gloves and goggles, which is also called safety glasses.
  • You must always wear shoes that are rubber-soled when you are engaged in any type of electrical work howsoever minor work it may be.
  • Always prefer to use a certain tool belt for keeping your tools conveniently near your  hand
  • While climbing ladders you must be extremely careful.
  • While tackling any kind of electrical issue, it is important that you should be very clear about what you are going to do and what kind of problem you are going to address.
  • You must always turn off the main power switch if you are trying to find fault on any electrical supply line.
  • Be careful about capacitors as they remain fully charged even after switching off your main power supply.
  • Avoid connecting or disconnecting any electrical system when it is under load.
  • If you are in doubt, then you must call any professional electrician.

If you use high-quality tools that are available on the market, then such tools will not only last for a long time and offer better service but also will have the necessary safety features to keep you protected from any kind of electrical hazard.

You will always see the results that you can achieve by using the right kind of tools for your right job. Your quality of work also will get enhanced.

These days, you will find in various buildings a modern electrical code is followed and they are now a basic requirement for every electrical line system. The old day’s fuse holders have been replaced with special circuit breakers for reducing and preventing any arc faults.

These arc-fault breakers will generally trip much faster than any conventional circuit breakers for reducing any fire hazard arising from arcing circuits.