Is Online Trading Secure?


Cheesy films about the trading scams, computer hacking, and viruses have us all fooled and paranoids about our financial investments as well. Therefore, we certainly understand if you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving your sensitive information on someone else’s mobile phone or computer system. 

You do not have to worry, though, as there are a lot of protections built into online trading platforms such as STR Capital.  

Security Is the Key

While we all are concerned about online security and it will probably always be there. Why? Because as the technology evolves to help online traders. There will always be cyber crooks out there who will use the same or different technological advances to exploit the loopholes. 

However, you must feel at ease because just like your hard-earned investment the online trading platforms such as STR Capital also have a massive stake at risk. Therefore, they would do anything they can to make you feel comfortable about their security measures in place to safeguard your interest. 

All cyber trading platforms have a dedicated portion of their website or portal that is devoted to the information about their security measures in place. These devoted sections carry answers to all the pain points, concerns, and fears a novice or seasoned online trader may have about the failsafe precautions taking by the online trading platform. 

That said – you must always remember that nothing is perfect in the world. Therefore online trading platforms are also as good as any conventional offline trading sector when it comes to providing security to your financial investments and transactions.  

Few Precautions

No matter how prepared you are, be cautious when it comes to making secure online transactions or conducting business over the internet. Always ensure that the online trading platform you are using offers high-end encryption for secure payment transactions. 

Encryption is a secure process that was developed by super-genius nerds of the computing universe. The idea was to scramble your data so that the only entity or person you are sending the information can use it. The higher the quantity of bits used in an encryption algorithm, the more secure and sophisticated platforms’ encryption is. 

A 128-bit data encryption algorithm is the level of encryption commonly deployed by most online trading platforms. Moreover, it is the highest level of data of encryption currently allowed by the cyber laws with the United States of America. 

You may ask – is 128-bit encryption ample for security? The answer is – It is virtually impossible for anyone to steal your sensitive information encrypted at 128-bit encryption. 

Even if you feel that it seems awfully simple, after all, that is how they show in all those movies right. A basement-dwelling kid or an unemployed computer hacker doing it with one hand – Believe it or not – that is all fiction. 

However, you must pay close attention to check that all security measures of the online trading platform are operational while you are conducting your business or making any transactions. 

Depending on the type of browser you use on your computer or mobile, you will most likely see a closed padlock symbol or a key icon. It is a sign that the platform security is operating as it should. It means wherever you see any of the above-mentioned icons while you are indulging in online trading, rest assures that your transaction is occurring within a secure socket layer. 

It also means all your transaction and sensitive information is being encrypted and you are safe from any interference from the cyber-criminals lurking on the World Wide Web. If you are on any website that does not show a padlock sign, it is better to stay away as that is a sign that it is an unsecured website.