Questions To Ask A Wheelchair Lift Supplier



Are you trying to increasing the accessibility of your building? Interested in having a wheelchair lift installed on premise so that you can cater to the mobility needs of wheelchair users? If so, do not enter into a purchase contractual agreement without first having asked your supplier for more information. 

This is important as the safety of all users of the wheelchair lift is at stake. You certainly won’t want an unqualified or inexperienced supplier installing the mobility device in your building. If there were to be accidents, you may be liable to lawsuits while your brand takes a hit.

Furthermore, you will be in a long-term relationship with the supplier as regular maintenance is required for the wheelchair lift. Ideally, your supplier would be one who is helpful, proactive and experienced in maintaining the wheelchair lift. 

As such, it is important that you ask the following questions.

Are the Promoted Wheelchair Lifts Compliant with the Law?

In Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has a compliance regulation for the installation and maintenance of chair lifts duluth mn. In it determines the following:

  • Wheelchair lifts are to be primarily designed for the vertical transportation of people with disabilities
  • They are to be installed in places where the installation of a conventional lift is not possible
  • The design and installation of a wheelchair lift is required to be compliant with the European Standard EN 81-41, American National Standard ASME 18.1 or other relevant standards as accepted by the BCA
  • The installation and maintenance works should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist professional engineer in the specialised branch of lift and escalator engineering 
  • Maintenance should be carried out by a registered lift service contractor at a frequency recommended by the manufacturer

When researching or meeting a potential supplier, it is important that you find out if they meet these requirements and have proof of such qualifications.

What Safety Features Do Their Wheelchair Lifts Have?

Being a mobility device for the wheelchair bound, it is important that safety is placed as a top priority in the design and operation of the wheelchair lift. At no point should its user be placed in danger regardless of whatever internal or external factors that emerge.

Common features that wheelchair lifts have include:

  • Placement of control panels should be at a height and area that is within easy reach of wheelchair users
  • Balance bars at a height that allow users to secure themselves
  • Safety gates for security of the user
  • Backup batteries in the event that a power cut occurs. These will ensure that your users will not be trapped between floors.
  • Emergency phone or call button to request for help when needed

Find a Wheelchair Lift Supplier Online Today

Most commercial wheelchair lift suppliers can be found online, allowing you to check their background and credentials before setting up any meetings with them. Be sure to find their past client reviews and check if their past projects had requirements similar to your current situation.