Retail Product Packaging- Types


Retail Packaging refers to products packed by an individual and direct sale to customer through retail outlets shelf. The packaging has slick glossy printing with features and specifications along with full consumer instructions, bar code and statutory matters. Retail packaging involves a great degree of specialisation and expertise and it would do well to seek the services of reputable packaging companies like BD print, Thomas, West Rock and Netpak product packaging.  

There is a wide variety of products retailed in the market and each requires a special attention to detail depending on the product type, shelf life, etc. Retail Packaging is broadly classified as per the products end use.  A study of these will help get the right packaging for your retail product. 


  • Food Packaging.


Packaging is essential for preserving food quality, minimising food wastage and reducing the preservatives used in the food. The food packaging provides essential information to customers and performs the important function of containing the food, protecting against the elements, chemicals and also physical damage. Food packaging can be quite complex as it should balance practical needs and aesthetic demands to the discerning customer. 

The food products can be as varied as pie, chocolates, cup cakes, buns, yoghurt, sandwiches, takeaways, juices and frozen desserts. 


  •  Beverages.


This kind of packaging includes wine bottles, beer, bottle carriers, coffee holders, pouch, cartons and promotional items. 

This is a booming industry that has been growing in billions over the years. 


  • Health and Beauty.


The market for health and beauty care products is vast, extremely competitive and ever changing. Hence the packaging needs to be sophisticated, innovative and trending. A real challenge for the packaging provider. 


  • Pharmaceutical


The requirements of the pharmaceutical company are quite unique. One is that of security printing and the other is the strict deadlines. The pharmaceutical industry has strict quality standards that can be met only by a few leading packaging firms. The printing of the inner labels and its folding/packing is another area of specialisation. 


  • Consumer Electronics


The products of the consumer electronics are varied in size, shape, weight and safety features. The focus is on device packaging solutions. . They include a wide variety of products generally classified as multimedia packaging, software packaging and home electronics products. 


  • Retail


These are constantly changing as per season and time. This could include gift boxes, gift card holders etc.