What makes acoustic flooring a sound choice for renovations?

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Have you invested in an old building? Let’s guess…it’s got charm by the bucket load but needs work doing? Fitting a new floor is a great place to start and can give your project just the edge it needs.

By installing acoustic flooring you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – all the attractive features of a period property but with the benefits of a modern soundproofing solution.

3 reasons why you should opt for acoustic flooring when renovating:

  1. Raise the bar

Unlike new builds, the acoustics aren’t usually structurally integrated in older buildings. But the addition of a soundproof floor will make a huge difference – particularly in student and social housing, hotels and shops and will raise the standards.

What’s not to love about acoustic flooring? It’s a great insulator, reduces energy consumption (which saves you money!) and provides comfortable living and working conditions for residents, staff and visitors.

  1. Tackle all sounds

For rooms where volumes are an issue, be it noisy neighbours, or the sound of equipment and machinery, soundproof flooring is an excellent choice and prevents sound from reverberating around the entire room, through the ceiling, and into rooms below. It keeps disruption to an absolute minimum.

  1. Compatible with most floor types

It’s no surprise that soundproof flooring is the preferred choice for renovation projects. Great for timber and concrete sub-floors, it will control the acoustics and enhance the appeal of the building.

Although they boast technical benefits, acoustic floors make no sacrifice to the style of your property and a final floor finish of your choice can be applied over the top – be it carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl or laminate.

Acoustic flooring installation

Reducing the sound of creaking and groaning floors, acoustic flooring is a sound choice for renovation projects.

When it comes to installing floating floors, acoustic battens, cradles or decking, rest assured you’re in capable hands with a flooring expert, such as JCW Acoustic Flooring. Gaining more than 15 years’ experience, they have the knowledge and skill to successfully install acoustic floors – on time and budget – and will be more than happy to help you.

So if you’re taking on a renovation project, be sure to get in touch with JCW Acoustic Flooring on 01204 387 029 or email enquiries@jcwgroup.co.uk.