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Online Trading in the UK Today


Today online trading in financial products is one of the most appealing activities in the United Kingdom.

Since the start of this New Era of Digitalisation, online tradinghas become a common form of putting money at work for you by entering in a financial market. In order to enter those markets though, you will need an online trading broker.

No matter what the market, choosing an online trading broker is an obligatory step if you want to become a trader.


Before we start, we must stress the fact that choosing a regulated broker is a must if you want to start off on the right foot with your online trading journey.

To be regulated, a brokerage service must comply with a series of standards imposed by a financial authority in charge of watching upon the respect of the aforementioned rules. Otherwise, if you choose to follow an unregulated broker, you will most likely fall in a scam, lose your funds or even have troubles with the local authority.

In the United Kingdom, the most reliable regulator is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body independent from the government.

TOP 3 Online Trading Brokers

Tol hep our readers and all those people who want to start online trading but do not have any clou from where they should start, we decided to redact a TOP 3 list of the best online brokers in the UK.

1.      Fineco

FinecoBank is a top tier bank and brokerage service which was founded in 1999 in Milan, Italy. They are also listed in the Borsa Italianasince 2014 and are constituent member of FTSE MIB Index

Since its start they have focused heavily on online trading. As a consequence of it, they developed a professional desktop trading platform called PowerDesk. This is a customisable platform where you can invest in thousands of financial products, including CFDs (Stocks, Shares, Commodities, Indices…), 7,000+ bonds and more than 50 currencies.

Fineco is regulated by CONSOB in Italy and by the British FCA.

2.      IG Group

IG Group is one of the oldest brokers standing around the market and their services can be tracked to the ’70s.

Started with the name IG Index in 1974 by Stuart Wheeler as a spread betting business as a way to let people trade on gold prices (IG stands as an abbreviation for Investors Gold Index), instead of buying the actual physical commodity. First listed as a public company on the London Stock Exchange with the name IG Group plc, today it is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Today the IG Group is one the most relevant CFD providers in the UK, with +15,000 markets available worldwide, including shares, indices, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies and more than 90 forex pairs.

It goes without saying that IG Group is regulated by many top tier regulators worldwide, FCA included.

3.      FXTM

Commonly known as ForexTime in the past, FXTM has established a stable presence in the UK  forex trading community since 2011. Despite the fact of being a relatively young company, they gained popularity between the UK based traders during the last years thanks to their pluri-awarded brokerage services united to the strict regulation, which complies with the FCA standards.

Their traders’ base counts more than 10,000 clients around the world and it is able to enhance your trading experience with a demo account which can be used with a starting virtual balance of 100,000,000£. Thanks to it you will be able to try for free most of the FXTM features included in their actual service without the fear of losing your real funds or making financial mistakes during the process.

If you want to start right away with a standard account instead, you can do it with a minimum deposit of £10.