4 Lawn Care Tips You Have To Know –Read It


Your lawn will look only as beautiful when it receives constant care and attention from you. You may decide to engage a professional lawn care services company for this, or go on and make a hobby of it. Whichever you decide on, you only have to make sure to follow the following tips to keep your lawn in great shape:

  1. Nutrition (fertilizing): Fertilizers are necessary to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to the lawn plants. The availability of nutrients in the right proportions promotes an even, uniform growth of the lawn. There are three basic types of fertilizers; slow, and fast synthetic fertilizers, and slow organic fertilizers.

The fast fertilizers facilitate the rapid growth of plants but may be a bad decision in the long run. Because the growth is rapid, plants may not form strong root systems and may get pulled off during storms or become dried up during the summer season.

The slow synthetic and natural are better options, as they provide a steady supply of nutrients and ensure full root formations. Remember, nutrition also includes a regular water supply.

  • Weed and insect control: Weed control begins from the design of the lawn. The design should leave little free spaces where weeds can grow. Herbicides are also a great choice. You may adopt a method used by lawn care services; they use herbicides that only kill weed seeds before they emerge as plants. Also, consider practicing plant competition. Carpet grass is a good competitor for space and nutrients; it safely removes weeds. Physical removal is also encouraged. Regularly pull out weeds before they grow.

Insect control might be a bit more difficult, but most common insecticides should solve the problem if applied regularly.

  • Trimming: Lawns should be mowed and trimmed regularly to keep a neat appearance. Areas with thinner patches may be skipped or hand-trimmed to clear-cut lines
  • Preventing damage to the lawn: Lawn care services companies are always careful when working on laws to avoid damage. This a good practice to imbibe. Lawn plants may be damaged by mechanical and environmental factors. Care must be taken to avoid pulling plants or crushing them beneath work boots for too long. Special care must be paid to the soil PH level, as a drastic change may change the appearance of the lawn or at worse, kill the plants.